Blood is owed thee, little Crow. And blood shall be repaid.

Adonai to Mia Corvere.

Adonai is one of two albino sorcerii in the service of the Red Church. Adonai is a blood speaker, a master of the ancient Ashkahi art of manipulating human vitus. But like his sister, Marielle, his gift, too, comes with a price. Adonai craves and thirsts for the very thing he controls, and his survival depends upon it.

Thanks to his sister's arts, Adonai is handsome beyond compare. But his beauty is only skin deep.

Adonai murdered Ashlinn Järnheim's brother Osrik Järnheim during the Luminatii assault on thr Mountain and now owes a debt to Mia for saving his life, yet to be called in.

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