Galante is a city of Liis. Galante proudly boasts the greatest number of churches and temples in all the Republic, besting even Godsgrave in the tally.

History Edit

Before the Great Unifier, King Francisco I, conquered the nation, the people of Liis worshipped a holy trinity known as the Father, the Mother and the Child. But once assimilated by the Itreyan monarchy, worship of the God of Light caught on among the common folk like a fire in a well-stocked brewery.

One wily fellow, a merchant named Carlino Grimaldi, decided the best way to distinguish himself in the new world order was to chuck wagonloads of money at the Itreyan church. He built the first cathedral to Aa in all of Liis; a towering structure known as Basilica Lumina, right in the heart of Galante. sculpted of rare purple marble and beautiful stained glass, construction almost bankrupted its patron. However, so impressive was the final result, Galante's Cardinal had Grimaldi appointed as governor of the entire city. Galante nobles were soon falling over themselves to curry favor among Aa's ministry, and churches to the Everseeing and temples to his four daughters began springing up over Galante like a rash on a Sugargirl's nethers after the navy hits town.

Though he was later crucified for tax evasion, Carlino still went down in Liisian history as an Exceptionally Clever Bastard. Even to this turn, to curry favor among men of the cloth in Liis is known as "pulling a Grimaldi".