The city of Godsgrave is the official capital of Itreya.

History Edit

The founding of the city of Godsgrave marks the beginning of Itreya, the current world power. It began with an epic clash between the Light God Aa and the last titan, whose name is unknown. The two supposedly vied to the death for absolute control of Itreya's heaven. The contest ended with the defeat of the titan, whom Aa overpowered cast down to earth. The Light God then commanded his faithful subjugates to construct a temple for him amidst the bones of his great enemy to commemorate his victory. The faithful did so, constructing a small city, interwoven with the architecture of man and of nature - supposedly, the remains of a god. Over the slow course of time, the population increased and the areas around the temple began to become densely inhabited, and, eventually, the temple was encircled by a thriving metropolis. The city would go on to become the capital of a rising nation, which would eventually conquer the world.

Part in the Chronicle Edit

Godsgrave is without dispute the most visited and mentioned city in The Nevernight Chronicle. Its importance cannot be understated.

Nevernight Edit

Nevernight begins in Godsgrave, with Mia departing the city of her childhood to join the Red Church. Although the majority of the first novel takes place in Ashkah, particularly, the Quiet Mountain, Godsgrave is still featured. It is the primary setting of Mia's flashbacks. The city is also frequently visited by the acolytes of the Red Church, under the direction of Shahiid Aalea.