Neh diis lus'a, lus diis'a.

A Liisian saying: When all is blood, blood is all.

Liis is a southern country under the dominion of Itreya.

History Edit

The Siege of Elai Edit

After the defeat of the last Liisian Magus King, Lucius the Omnipotent, at the Battle of the Scarlet Sands, it was assumed that Liisian resistance would begin to falter, and the country would begin to embrace their victorious conquerors, the Kingdom of Itreya.

This was not the case.

After Lucius's death, a garrison of Luminatii was stationed in the Liisian capital, Elai, to oversee "assimilation". Things went well, until a cadre of elite troops still loyal to Lucius's memory raided a banquet in the former Magus King's palace. The Itreyan elite and Luminatii garrison were captured, lined up by the loyalists, and, one by one, castrated, with a red-hot blade.

The captives were then released, the elite forces barricading themselves inside the palace and awaiting inevitable retaliation. Lasting more than six months, the Siege of Elai became legend. It was during this event that the crude gesture known as "the knuckles" originated. The Liisian loyalists were said to have roamed the palace battlements, holding aloft their fists with fore and baby finger extended as far as the first knuckle - a taunting gesture meant to remind the attacking Itreyans the rebels were still possessed of their "equipment", while the Itreyans' jewels had been fed to the rebel's dogs.

The rebels, were, of course, eventually defeated, and Liis was brought to heel.

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Physical Attributes Edit

Liisians are generally dark of hair and eye, with olive skin.

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Religion Edit

While worship of the Everseeing is now considered the official religion of the Republic, in the turns before the Itreyan Colleges of Iron marched their War Walkers across Liis and conquered it in the name of the Great Unifier, King Francisco I, the Liisans had their own pantheon of worship, which featured, much like the Church of Light, heavy symbolism of the number three.

Their deities were a trinity, consisting of the Father, the Mother, and Child. Children born on the third turning of the month were seen as blessed. Thirdborn children of thirdborn children of thirdborn children were inducted into the Liisian clergy without exception. And finally, the Liisian kings were said to have each possessed three testicles- a sign of their divine right to rule.

Though initially disputed by jealous fellow rulers, this claim was ultimately proven by King Francisco I. Upon capturing the last Liisian king, Lucius the Omnipotent, at the Battle of the Scarlet Sands, the Great Unifier removed the monarch's scrotum with his own dagger and found three aggots staring sadly back at him from within the pouch.

Though grateful credence had been given to the legend, Lucius the Omnipotent was less than pleased with Francisco's method of verification. Albeit briefly.

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