Mercurio was Mia's trainer and confidant in the time before she joined the Red Church. H ewas a Church Blade of Our Lady of Blessed Murder himself for many years, but has long since retired to Godsgrave. The old Itreyan ran a store called Mercurio's Curios and served as information broker and talent scout for the servants of the Black Mother, until the Ministry called him out of retirement in the wake of the catastrophe of the Järnheim betrayal and the death of Cassius, Lord of Blades. He served as the Bishop of Godsgrave for a short period, before Mia convinced him to turn against the Red Church and aid her mad quest for vengeance.

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Mia Corvere first describes him as "old beyond his years", with "stained hands and fading eyes" and cheeks like sandpaper.

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According to the narrator, a grumpier old bastard was never found under any of the three suns.

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Mia Corvere Edit

After Mia was orphaned by the Itreyan Senate, Mercurio took the young girl under his wing. He trained her, teaching her all he knew, and succeeded in forging her into a formidable assassin. A fact he was once exceedingly proud of. Mercurio regarded Mia as his finest pupil, the greatest talent he had ever sent into the Mother's service. Although he is outwardly harsh and unsympathetic toward the girl, he has proven multiple times that this is not the case. Even after Mia's failure of her final trial at the Red Church, Mercurio did not disown her. Deep down, he truly cares for Mia Corvere, even if he himself will not admit it, and he has continually, willingly, risked his life for her times beyond count. The girl is like a daughter to him, and he, a father to her.