Tenhands is an infamous member of The Red Church with near twenty sanctified kills to her name. Not only does she serve as a Blade but she is also the appointed Bishop of Galante.

History Edit

Tenhands began her career as a thief on the streets of Elai, and even after she became a Blade of the Mother, she never lost her knack for the art of stealth. She was said to move like the dark itself, and was capable of dislocating both shoulders at will, allowing her to squeeze through the tightest of places with little difficulty.

Her most infamous Offering was a Senator named Phocas Merinius—a man so astonishingly paranoid about assassination, it was said he kept a retinue of half a dozen guards on hand at his bedside when he made love to his wife. Tenhands reportedly gained access to Phocas's villa by crawling in through the sewer and up the privy spout—an ingresseight inches wide at best—and lying in wait right there inside the pipe. When poor Phocas heard the call of nature in the middle of the nevernight, he sat down on the privy and found both his femoral arteries severed before he could even commence his business.

Tenhands reportedly spent the next seven turns in the Chapel's baths trying to wash off the stink.

Appearance Edit

Tenhands is described as a finger-thin woman, her light brown hair cut in a distinctly masculine style and dark shadows under her eyes. She also walks with a singular swagger.

Part in the Chronicle Edit

Godsgrave Edit

As the Bishop of Galante, Tenhands is appointed to see after the doings inside the city. As Mia Corvere is stationed in Galante, she is under Tenhands's authority. At one point, Tenhands stitches Mia back together after she got wounded during a mission.

Trivia Edit

  • Tenhands wears more knives than anyone in her right mind would know what to do with.