The Old Imperial is a disheveled little establishment on the edges of Last Hope in Ashkah.

Description Edit

While the narrator describes it as a "bucktoothed little shithole", it was not, in their opinion, the most miserable building in all creation. It had a miserable air, a depressing mood. A lone harpsichord rests in a corner, collecting dust (the only man who knew how to play it, Blue Paulo, met a tragic end). The patrons tend to be a rather unsavory lot. This fine institution is run by the aptly named Fat Daniio.

Part in the Chronicle Edit

This taverna and inn was the chosen resting place of both Mia Corvere and Tric upon their arrival in Last Hope, prior to their trek across the Ashkahi Whisperwastes.

The taverna was also frequently by the crew of Trelene's Beau.